Hercolubus, the Red planet that is approaching Earth

  • A Celestial Mechanism

    The arrival of a huge planet whose magnetism will alter our planet. Since ancient times this planet has been known as Hercolubus.

  • The Last Prophecy

    We can find traditions and prophecies about the end times, all resembling one another all over the world.

  • Awakening Conscience

    In this book, we can find the practical systems that allow any person to progress along the path of spiritual awakening or the awakening of the Conscience.

  • The Astral Unfolding

    All human beings go to the astral dimension while the physical body is sleeping. It is necessary to learn to do this process in a conscientious way.

  • Extraterrestrial life

    They exist, although the skeptics doubt it. They know us thoroughly, better than ourselves. They are ready to helps us once Hercolubus approaches Earth.

  • Death of the Ego

    “He who begins to disintegrate his Psychological Defects begins to leave the circle in which all of humanity is stuck.” —V.M. Rabolu

  • The Future of Humanity

    “What I affirm in this book is a very short-term prophecy, because I have evidence about the end of the planet. I know it.” —V.M. Rabolu

There are countless prophecies about future times, but only one is repeated across many cultures: the arrival of a huge planet whose magnetism will alter our world. Since ancient times this planet has been known as Hercolubus. The book “Hercolubus or Red planet” contains all information that you need to know about the approach of this huge heavenly body and it also offers the keys to overcome these critical times.


I have read the book Hercolubus carefully. I don’t know why something is drawing my attention on that subject. I have compared this book with prophecies that I have been studying for more than 20 years and there is a sort of connection with forthcoming events. Those events are worrying me and I don’t know what to think about all that. I am going to meditate and reflect upon it. A reader from France
From my childhood, my grandfather used to talk about the Red planet and said that he went to the astral. My father didn’t believe him, and the rest of my family labelled him as a fool. I never forgot those things. Curiously, in my 30s I met a group of people in the mountains that were waiting for me and kept talking about Hercolubus. Now I am 55 and after an extensive experience of search and other things, it is as if you were giving me back my “good sense”. Thank you. A reader from Chile